Private 1:1 Sessions
The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather it is about unbecoming who you are not. ~Albert Schweitzer~
Working together privately allows us to create a powerful energetic space between us. In this safe space, you have the opportunity to discover & reveal parts of yourself that have felt hidden, lost or missing. Here you begin to shift perspective & see the world (and yourself) through fresh eyes.

3 Ways to work together privately

Ala Carte Sessions

(Tier 1)

These sessions are timed and typically last between 30-90 minutes.  They are a taste of the work and may or may not provide a transformational result.

Intensive Sessions

(Tier 2)

These sessions were designed to give you one piece of the Four Magical Pathwasy to Peace & Purpose system

They are single sessions they are intensive based on the particular pathway.  These very often can have a transformational result.

Intensive Packages

(Tier 3)

These packages are designed to allow for deep transformation with rapid results that will continue to ripple over time.  They were created to allow you to unfold/unbox the parts of you that have felt trapped, bound, blocked, shackled and give you the tools to make faster progress over time.

The 90-Day program takes you through the Four Magical Pathways to Peace & Purpose.  Depending on your needs, we may spend more or less time with each pathway. These almost always have a transformational result (transformation is often determined by commitment to the process.)

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