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What is a Conscious Community?

A Conscious Community is a group of people with a bigger vision for themselves and the world around them.

It is a place to feel seen, heard, understood without judgment.  It is a place where you can dive into topics with deeper meaning and may feel taboo in other environments.

It is a place to learn what it means to ‘hold space” for each other and for ourselves.

What a Conscious Community is not.

It is not a Counseling group.

It is not a 12-step program.

It is not a church.

It is not a medical environment.

It is not a place of judgment.

Who is included in a Conscious Community?

People who want to grow.

People who want to learn.

People who want to do better.

People who want to be better.

Who is excluded from a Conscious Community?

People who are unwilling to learn.

People who are unwilling to grow.

People who want to harm others for being different.

What can I learn there?

How to grow in all areas of your life.

There are times when it is important to learn and connect in Community.

Conscious Community Classes are where we come together in community to learn something new or practice what we’ve learned.

Conscious Community Classes are centered around bringing awareness to a variety of Holistic Well-Being & Personal Development topics such as Healing Past Trauma, Mindfulness Meditation, Mindset Shifts, Clean Eating, Essential Oils, Chakras, Women’s Circles, the Mind-Body Connection and more.

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