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Step 1 - Determine Your Need/Desire
  • Consider what you want for your life. (What result would you like?)
  • Consider why this result is important (Is it big enough to keep going?)
  • Consider how the result would benefit your life. (Make it count)
  • Consider your willingness to grow. (It can be challenging)
  • Consider your commitment level (are you an 8 or above?)
  • Consider what you are willing to invest in time, energy, effort & money (this may change over time)
  • Consider who/what might be the best fit to help you (sometimes we don’t know)
Step 2 - Determine Your Urgency
  • How quickly do you feel it needs to be resolved?
  • Consider your willingness to grow (it can be challenging)
  • Consider who/what might be the best fit (sometimes we don’t know)
Step 3 - Determine What You Do/Do not Want
  • Diagnosis (yes/no/maybe)
  • Prescriptions (yes/no/maybe)
  • Traditional Counseling (yes/no/maybe)
  • Transformational Coaching (yes/no/maybe)
  • Hypnotherapy (yes/no/maybe)
  • Community support (yes/no/maybe)
  • Learning with others (yes/no/maybe)
  • 1:1 Private work (yes/no/maybe)
  • Online learning (yes/no/maybe)
  • Local learning (yes/no/maybe)
Step 4 - Consider the type of Guide You Want
  • Do you prefer a certain gender?
  • Do you prefer a certain age?
  • Do you prefer a certain faith?
  • Do you prefer a certain ethnicity?
  • Do you prefere a certain sexuality?
  • Do you prefer someone who is direct?
  • Do you prefer someone who has certain education?
  • Does any of that matter?
Step 5 - Making a Choice - Are we a good fit?

In my work, I believe we get to choose each other.

Step 1 – If you are unsure about any of the questions in this step (and are commited to growth at an 8 or above), I may be able to help.

Step 2 – If you feel your situation is Urgent/Emergent, please consider the ER or Crisis Center.  If you don’t want that, I may be able to assist.

Step 3 – If you are unsure about any of those, I may be able to help

Step 4 – Does it feel like it might be me?

Step 5 – If you feel like I might be the one to help you reach your goals and get your answers, click the button to schedule your consultation.

The things people say...

I was so focused on “not having enough money” I missed a lot.  I only saw the negative.  My relationship with money has improved so much!  I purchased a brand new car, I have my dream job, I spend quality time with my family.  I am confident and brave.  Most of all- I know my worth.

Confidential - Moore, OK

I was totally broken because of my past.  I struggled because I felt like a failure.

Your vibe. Your openness. Your ability to make me see I’m okay with me.

The jounrey is worth it and with Tammy happiness is a real thing.

Cathy H. - Moore, OK

I felt I was stuck in a hamster wheel with everything in my life.  I saw my past and old habits in my parenting and I didn’t know how to change.  I was not able to grow.

The biggest impact was the Chakra challenge. I’m well informed on balancing and what each represents. and how to shift my way of thinking towards the positive and seeing reality for what it is.  Seeing the bigger picture in all.

Able C. - Oklahoma City, OK

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