Welcome to the E.M.I.T., Now! Community!

The Name:  E.M.I.T. is an acronym that I created to mean:  

Empowerment – Motivation – Inspiration – Transformation

  • Me – E.M.I.T. is what I was called to do in my work
  • You – E.M.I.T. is what you receive for your life in our work together
  • Us – We EMIT this light to others as a Community

Circle/Class size – In order to ensure that each voice is heard, I anticipate limiting the size of most offerings to 10 or less and will require registration for attendance.

Community notifications  – At this time, I will send notifications by email.  Everything specific to this Community will now have [E.M.I.T.] at the beginning of the subject line, so you’ll be able to locate it.

Dress Code – Comfortable clothes are encouraged. 

Shoes – Life Transformation Center is a shoe free space.  Shoes are removed upon entry we navigate the space in bare feet or sock feet.  If you have a condition that doesn’t allow for the removal of shoes, please bring clean shoe booties to wear over your shoes.   

Drinks – Spill proof drinks are allowed in the Transformational Training Room.  Other drinks (i.e. fountain drinks) will need to stay in the Conscious Coaching area.  Bottled water is available at the Center.

Energy – You are responsible for the energy you bring to the space.  This is a Safe, Sacred, Non-Judgmental space.  Please adjust your energy accordingly before entry.  (If you need assistance with this, please let me know)

Energy Exchange vs Investment – Energy exchange is often consider the price, but it can have other meanings.  At the Center, this will typically be anything from a hug to significant investment.  Each offering will show the Energy Exchange/Investment requested.  I have done my best to offer something for everyone. (we’ll talk more about this).

Food – Food is not provided at the Center.  Please eat before attending, if needed.  (If you have conditions that may require you to eat/drink something, I do have a small refrigerator available.)  Please do not bring fast food or something like that to the Center.

Guests – Unannounced guests are not allowed at the Center.  If you would like to bring a guest, please talk with me about this to discuss arrangements.

Guest Speakers or Co-Teachers – From time to time, I may collaborate with other Healers/Teachers/Creatives to bring you something interesting.  Every person who sells a service or product, must meet my high standards before entering or doing business with the Center.

Products & Services – You will receive free items, discounts and advance notice on all things at Life Transformation Center.

Seating – Most offerings for the E.M.I.T. Now, Community will be held while seated on the floor.  This allows for meditation and a nice intimate setting.  (For those who physically must sit in a chair, please notify me.  For energy reasons, offerings will need to either be with everyone seated on the floor or everyone seated in chairs.  Mixing of the two doesn’t always work well.  I will want to make adjustments for this BEFORE an event.)

Topics – There will be a wide range of Holistic topics covered at the Center. With a primary focus on Emotional Well-Being, Personal Development & Spirituality. (If you have a specific topic that you would like to see, let me know.)

Welcome Package – Each member of the Community will receive a special welcome gift package from me based upon your Community level.  These levels were chosen based on our level of work together.  

Looking forward to spending time with you at the Center!

Tammy Coin

Helping you transform your life from the Inside/Out.