Community Events

Life Transformation Center Community events will be added to the event calendar to give you an opportunity to browse upcoming events (either scheduled or being planned).

When an event name shows “Planning” as the first word, that is an indicator that I’m gathering interest and a date/time has not been determined. (The date and time listed is inaccurate for these). As soon as I have at least 3 interested in a particular event, I will move into the scheduling phase.

My invitation is to take a moment to pause, close your eyes, take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and then consider the topics and types of events that may be calling you next on your journey.

Click the calendar button below to see what’s scheduled and what’s still in planning.

Click on the button below to see upcoming offerings. When you see something that interests you, click on the class for details and to move to the registration page (or you’ll be taken to the waiting list page. Add your name and email to be notified when it’s available).

NOTE: Don’t see anything that feels right for you? This is YOUR Community reach out to Tammy and let her know what you would like to see (remember…as the Alchemist, she’s always cooking up something interesting for you).