Being authentically you and belonging

You were invited to this Community because I believe in YOU!  I believe in helping you create an amazing life that you feel excited about living!  

Having a Community of like minded “weirdos” will help you not feel so alone on your journey.  You can truly learn how to become the Authentic YOU and shine…just being YOU!  Doing it alone is possible, it’s also really difficult (ask me how I know).  Hasn’t your life been hard enough?  

I have MANY exciting plans and things to teach you that will help you create that dream life you want (no matter how far away it seems).  Before I let you in on those, my invitation to you is this….

Take a moment to PAUSE

Now, take in a big deep breath

Next, slowly exhale

Now…consider the following

  • If you were planning your dream Community and Support System, what comes to mind?  
  • What kind of things would you learn?  
  • What tools could you get?  
  • What kind of people would be there?
  • How would we support and celebrate you?

What came to mind?  No matter how big/small, no matter how silly or impractical it may seem…

The idea for this Community is to help you meet others who stand out from the crowd. Others who want MORE for their life and to get the support you need.

I’m here to bring you things that will transform your life…it’s important that I know what would delight you.

Looking forward to spending time with you at the Center!

Tammy Coin

Helping you transform your life from the Inside/Out.