About the Community

In May 2021, Life Transformation Center was created to be a Conscious space that is free from Politics, organized Religion and anything else that doesn’t allow for supportive, compassionate and peaceful Holistic Healing & Personal Development.

When I opened the Center, I had visions of holding classes and workshops for an exclusive Community.  

Creating a Safe, Sacred, Non-Judgmental space to work with individual clients was the easy part…but how would I grow a Community and not have it open to the Public?  

How could I maintain the integrity of the space and create a Safe, Sacred, Non-Judgmental experience for each person?

This has been a dream for a long, long time and after having the space for 1 year, I’ve finally figured out a way to do it!  

This Free Exclusive “Community Membership” was created just for YOU!

You were invited because YOU have met my personal criteria for Membership.

What are the benefits of being part of this exclusive Community:

  • Holistic Training, Healing & Personal Development for yourself
  • Additional support from me
  • Support from a like-minded Community
  • Special gifts/perks based your membership level (more later)
  • Free exclusive Community membership
  • Email announcements of upcoming classes/workshops, events offered at the Center (Cost for the classes/workshops/events will be indicated on the email.  Many will be free or donation based others will not)

Remember…The more you get UNBOXED, the brighter you shine!

Tammy Coin

Helping you transform your life from the Inside/Out.