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Life Transformation Center

Your Safe, Sacred, Non-Judgmental space to become the greatest version of yourself.


An Oklahoma Holistic Well-Being & Personal Development Center that specializes in those with Childhood trauma (including cPTSD & PTSD). Come learn how it has been keeping you stuck and how to move to the other side. Learn the HOW of Self Awareness, Self Discovery, Self Development & Self Mastery using my signature system called the Four Magical Pathways to Peace & Purpose. Here you can create the life you've only imagined (or thought was impossible to obtain).
Center Offerings

Specializing in past trauma & Spiritual Awakening

Community Classes
Jim Rohn once said say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. There are times when we all need a Community of like-minded people who can match or raise our vibe. Mind-Body-Spirit is spoken here.
Group Training & Coaching
The collective consciousness deepens when you have a small group of people deep diving into a specific topic. In this way, we all learn and we all grow from the benefit of each other's experiences.
Private 1:1 options
You may deeply desire time with a Guide/Teacher to focus solely on you. In our private work, we can deeper dive into your inner personal challenges.
Hi! I am Tammy Coin
I am an Intuitive Transformational Mindset Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Teacher. I use a variety of modalities to work with your conscious and subconscious mind to assist you with growth and healing.
You know how people say "think out of the box", yet they seem to do everything possible to keep you IN the box? I teach my clients/students how to "UNbox" their authentic selves so they can finally get past the pain of their past (without diagnoses, prescriptions & feeling broken) and create a life that feels exciting and worth living. From Shit Storms to Soul Purpose, I truly get it.

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